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The answer to all your questions.

I have received a Smart Post Express card with a parcel reference number on it. What should I do next?

The number on the left hand corner of the card let's you track where your parcel is at any time. You can track your parcel online by entering your details above in the tracking box.

To arrange a redelivery for your parcel, please visit  

If your card shows the letter 'N' in the bottom left hand corner, you will also find a mobile phone number of our courier on the card. Please ring that number, to arrange a redelivery directly with your Smart Post Express courier.

How do I track my parcel online?

If your parcel reference is 8, 13 or 16 digits long please click here

If your parcel number begins with the letters JD, please click here 

If your parcel reference begins with the letters (J) JD please disregard the first (J) when putting the parcel reference into the "Track Your Parcel" option that can be found throughout the website. Please input as: JD00… followed by the remaining numbers. 


What will the online tracking system show?

You'll be able to see whether your parcel has been received at one of our Service Centres, whether it's out for delivery or whether it has been delivered already.

I am expecting a delivery, but I haven't received a card so far. How can I track its status?

If you have received a tracking number from the sender please enter it above.  If no parcel tracking details appear please clarify your tracking number with the sender and confirm dispatch. If no tracking information is available this usually indicates the parcel has not been received into the Smart Post Express network.